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Imported JFCC temperature measurement block

Acting as the agent of thermal insulation materials and heating elements for high temperature kilns in Germany, JFCC temperature measuring blocks in Japan, FERRO temperature measuring rings in the United States, Bullers temperature measuring rings and coins in the United Kingdom, as well as Private label 1800 ℃ high temperature ceramic fiber binder


Keywords: temperature measuring materials, refractory materials, heating materials


1. The main basis of the ceramic firing process is to manage the temperature, but in fact the fired objects will vary according to the specifications and heat capacity of the furnace.
2. The Japanese precision temperature measuring chip is a practical standard material made by strict management methods such as raw material composition, particle size, molding density, etc., and can control more accurate temperature.
3. The temperature measuring piece is fired together with the fired object at the same time, and the firing conditions can be managed by measuring the size after firing.

1. It can be used for the commonization of firing conditions and the evaluation of common technical data.
2. Continuous use on a regular basis can be applied to abnormal management of firing furnaces and statistical quality control management, etc.

Firing management of fine ceramics, electronic ceramic materials, ceramic products, etc., statistical quality control management, etc.

The method of use
is to put the temperature measuring piece in and wait until it is fired, take it out after cooling to room temperature, and measure the size with a caliper.

Dimensions (mm)
Temperature (Celsius)

Compare the dimensions measured above with this table, and use the indicated temperature as an index for management. The indicated temperature is not the actual physical temperature, but the comprehensive heat index of the fired material. This indicated temperature is equivalent to the set temperature when firing at a heating rate of 200°C/time, a holding time of 2 hours, and a cooling rate of 300°C/time.

Precautions for Use
If this product is used in a furnace with vacuum and low oxygen concentration, part of the components will evaporate. The furnace may be contaminated, please pay full attention to the user.

The operating temperature range and indication temperature accuracy of the thermometer:



serial number Operating temperature range (Celsius) Indicated temperature accuracy (Celsius)
H 1400~1700 ±1℃
M 1200~1500 ±1℃
L 1050~1300 ±1℃
L1 800~1150 ±1.5℃
L2 600~900 ±1.5℃


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